Plastik Packaging’s origins date back to 1971 as a reseller for ACI Plastics products.

Realising that there was a huge gap within the Australian marketplace, Plastik Packaging started producing a range of quality products to meet demand.

About Us

Plastik Packaging  started as a Plastic and glass  Packaging supplier
in 1972   offering locally manufactured bottles, jars and tablet vials.
meeting the varying needs of our customers.

As time progressed in house manufacturing started and we now have 40 years of experience  blowing  bottles and jars, injection moulding Cap and jars. printing and labelling.

During our 50 year we have designed many packaging concepts  to assistcustomers in successfully marketing their products.

Switch to eco-friendly packaging with Plastik Packaging

Plastik Packaging is a company that provides sustainable packaging solutions to businesses and individuals looking to reduce their environmental impact.

Concept Design Creation

Proudly 100% Australian and Family operated.

Proudly 100% Australian and Family operated. Plastik Packaging is a ridged plastics packaging, manufacturing company. We provide concepts for Personal care, Beverage, Food and Chemical Industries.

Our Services include but not limited to product development, Producing the products, Decoration (Printing & Labeling), Seals to suit and various market Requirements.

Our Services

Manufacturing Capabilities

Plastik Packaging is fully compliant with State, National and International standards

PET Blow

We Blow PET Bottles from 10ml – 8L & Jars from 100ml – 8L.

Injection Moulding

We make Jars from 10ml – 500ml & Caps from 70mm – 95mm using all packaging materials.


We Provide Screen printing, Foiling and Labelling for all Bottles and Jars we make & Seals for our caps.

General Moulding

We Provide custom design & tooling for our customers Productions.

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